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I haven't been watching Black Mirror (anthology of stories about the dark side of technology), but my friend recced this ep to me SO HARD and she was right, it is a WONDERFUL f/f love story :-)

Yorkie/Kelly songvid (spoilery natch)


Nov. 24th, 2016 09:29 pm
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25 Signs You Were Born And Raised In Perth

13 You call everyone "mate"—even people you dislike.

14 You have the uncanny skill of being able to convey many thoughts, feelings and reactions with just a single "mate". Example: when another driver cuts in front you and you respond with "Maaaaaaaate!!" this translates to—"Come on now fellow motorist, we both know you should really look in your side mirror before changing lanes!"

Not in Perth, but so very Aussie - Cute two minute interview with a dude who chased a bad guy in his undies
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Got swooped by a magpie cycling home today, guess I'll be changing my route for a while. Grateful for mandatory bike helmets atm.

Reminds me of a time when I was about 15, absolutely galloping across a paddock to escape a very determined magpie - afterwards my felt riding helmet had rips scored in from its beak.

And randomly have the cutest baby!Holtzmann piccie
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29 Games Nobody Plays Anymore

14. HOT COCKLES (C.1300-1800S)
One player is blindfolded and made to kneel on the floor with his head in another player’s lap and his hands held, palms outwards, behind his back. The other players then take it in turns to strike his hands, one at a time, and the kneeler has to guess which of the other players has hit him.

Personally, I'd really like to know why they had to kneel with their head in another person's lap, i mean, a cushion wouldn't do?
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Inspired by another flister today, I am making a resolution to post something every day, no matter how small. How many times have I made this resolution already? *cough*

I follow George Monbiot (by email, actually, old skool), an environmentalist. Interesting article recently on the effects of social isolation There Is Such a Thing As Society">
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I (mostly) unironically love the movie Independence Day. It used to be one of Dragonfly and my comfort flicks, though nowadays we generally only rewatch it on July 4. I'd been warned that the sequel is terrible, but since the person who said that is the same person who mocks me for liking the first one, I ignored his advice and bought Resurgence on dvd sight unseen and do not regret that decision. Yes it is cheesy, just like the original. My fave bit in ID4 is when they make contact with other countries' militaries with their way to defeat the aliens, and the posh British officer says 'It's about time! What do they plan to do?'

So not one but TWO people this year have requested Tom/Constance/David fics, which I am all for, so I am VERY VAGUELY considering writing a treat.

It will likely never happen, I am mostly too intimidated to write in American fandoms. But I am enjoying thinking about it. Which led me to thinking about how in the aftermath, they just wouldn't have the resources (for many years at least) to rebuild the destroyed cities, so they'd have to move the seat of the America government to another city, so I googled and of course fans done some research.

Official site with timeline of events leading up to the second movie. It kind of looks like, from the map siting the presidential inaugurations, that Washington DC must have been rebuilt.

Just out of interest - If the American government were to temporarily move cities until DC could be rebuilt, where would it move to, do you think?

For bonus non existent points, also ruling out other cities destroyed in the attack, here is a complete list of cities destroyed

Just because it is my fave inspirational speech, President Whitmore's ID speech )
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I was a big fan of the movies back in the day, but definitely wouldn't rewatch them, both because I've lost my taste for macho dudebro action plots/characters, and because Mel Gibson.

Car chases and gunfights are things that just don't do it for me anymore I wasn't going to bother with this - put it on for my housemate and then found myself sucked in by the chemistry between the characters and because I am a sucker for found family.

Damon Wayans is always good value but I wasn't expecting to enjoy Riggs, another same old same old white dude, but in fact I'm enjoying him, despite the moustache and ridiculous hair. No, seriously, he's constantly having to run his fingers through his hair to pull the curls back into place which strikes me as slightly incongruous - he's suicidal with grief but with carefully trimmed and styled hair (maybe it's supposed to look disordered).

a few random piccies )

Here's the promo for completion - full disclosure I haven't bothered to watch it as I'm already three eps in.
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Last day for Yuletide sign ups. I signed up nice and early, to get my super rare fandoms up on the Sign up Summary sheet - and Yay! someone has volunteered to write The Champions, so I'm hopeful.

I've spent an enjoyable week watching the numbers and fandoms grow and tweaking my sign up - in my initial enthusiasm I both offered and requested Lucifer, my current fave show, but after a few days removed them both, since of course that fandom has ended up plenty of both of them already.

I have just done my final sign up revision offering only rare fandoms with more requests than offers, including a few that had no other offers and if I get matched on will have to do some intense revision of the text *G* I like it when I am able to give someone a fic in that tiny fandom of their heart. I have also perused the letters up so far and have bookmarked a few requests in fandoms I'm more comfortable writing in, for treats later on.

Also, everyone should know that The Champions episodes are now up on youtube! The first episode is not the best *cough* but it's their origin story so all I can say is, don't judge the rest of the series by it? They get their powers and become adorably attuned to each other and codependent. Also, maybe skip episode 3.

It's a fun 60s show about three international crimefighting agents who get given random enhanced abilities and the odd bit of mind reading between the three of them.

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Thank you for volunteering to write my little fandom, I already love you. I have been doing Yuletide from nearly the beginning and absolutely none of the excitement has worn off for me. I LOVE YULETIDE.

Also, if detailed letters stress you out and/or you already know what you want to write, feel free to not even read below. Truly :)

General notes and likes/dislikes )

Regulars Guys )

The Champions )

What We Do in the Shadows )

Forever Knight )
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I've never been into medical shows, mainly because of my complete lack of interest in anything, well, medical, but I randomly acquired this show, so I figured I'd give it a go, and wow this show is intense - it's an emotional roller coaster!

Code Black is set in an underresourced ER, based on this documentary, and it is FULL ON - they save people but they also lose people and of course it's also about the characters bonding and supporting each other. Between the patients dying and the personal tragedies I tear up almost every episode.

Some random pics of my fave relationships )

Disclaimer - am only 2/3 through the season, but am fairly confident I will still be reccing it when I've finished, unless Leanne turns out to be a serial killer or something :)

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I've enjoyed OUaT well enough over the first four seasons, but mostly kept on with it because Bunny loves it so much. But I've really loved season 5. I've finally started to appreciate Killian, and Zelina used to set my teeth on edge, but now she's had character development and back story and I am sympathetic. But mostly, I think because of all the Regina/Robin, Emma/Killian and Regina & Emma relationship stuff and I love all those dynamics so much. I adore Regina and Emma and totally ship them but in an AU WAY, as I also love their canon true love pairings.

Randomly - yay lesbians! Spoilery for their plotline and Bunny's reaction )


Much to my surprise I have become extremely invested in Emma and Regina's friendship because I am a sucker for found family.

Basically a short random picspam of Regina and Emma )

And I love that actors look like they are fun! )

Pretty Swan Queen manip and fanarts )

Very spoilery comments about the end of season 5 )
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I love pics of actors looking like they are having fun. This cutie is Eliot Knight from American Gothic (and also Merlin in OUaT which I have been watching recently as well) with Anthony Starrr behind him.

I've just finished the season of American Gothic and I liked the resolution of the plot. Also the lesbian couple )

It seems like most of the shows I've watched in the last few months have had lesbian couples, most of whom have had happy endings, yay! Representation in genre shows, FTW! I found myself feeling resentful that we still don't have the same representation for gay dudes, which is true of course, but on the other hand Shadow Hunters has a very pretty gay couple in it and yet I am not watching that show - mostly because Bunny was unimpressed with the first couple of eps because they were the same plot as the movie, and didn't want to watch any more. And I'm watching Versailles but I don't really like most of the characters and actively wish the Chevalier would DIE, which is not really what I want to be feeling about one half of the sexy gay couple who obligingly have a lot of raunchy sex. IDK, i'm only four eps in and he is super manipulative and I'm yet to be convinced he genuinely cares about Phillipe at all.

Basically we've come a long way from the days when we had to cling to ANYTHING with the slightest hint of gay subtext, like Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia and Mountains of the Moon, because that was all we had. And i am so very grateful.
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Gotham has finally *clicked* with me. I dutifully plodded through season 1 because my housemate likes it and because Batman is my favourite superhero and because I loved Gary Oldman's version of Jim Gordon (and shipped him with Bruce Wayne SO hard) And I like Ben McKenzie from Southland, so a show about Jim Gordon pre-Batman days, I was SO ready to love this.

And then it just didn't do much for me, probably because it is as much about the origin stories of the villains as it is about Jim Gordon and boring earnest teenager Bruce Wayne. Last week we'd got about up to 2.3, maybe and I actually said to my housemate, I'm just not interested in villains...

(and then we went to see Suicide Squad and about a third of the way in after they'd introduced the characters and send them on the mission it occurred to me I was watching a film about villains and was worried I'd be bored, but then they started bonding and supporting each other so I enjoyed the film, yay).

So my take away from s1 was, I liked Jim. I liked Harvey (once he started supporting Jim and on the path to redemption) and I liked Alfred, for his care for Bruce and because Sean Pertwee is a sexy mofo. And everyone else bored me. Because I don't care about the villains shenanigans.

I did go looking for Jim/Harvey fic and discovered that the main pairing in this fandom is Jim/Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin. Which made me boggle a bit, but I figured we'd be seeing more of them interacting, and that has indeed been the case, but i still had NO interest in the Penguin as a character.

Then s2 started. Jim got darker and more interesting and he and Harvey are close and that makes me happy *sigh*

BUT then Alfred fucking slapped a teenage girl hard across the face WTF (and was then verbally cruel to her) so has earned my contempt and I no longer find him attractive *sorry*

BUT THEN THE PENGUIN. Got more interesting. As did Ed Nygma (aka the Riddler at some point probably), previously utterly repulsive and creepy AF, at some point has turned into a HOT AF creepy villain...



Read more... )

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the Penguin, has a cool twitter


Specific plot development thing I really didn't like )

(So i think I'm about up to 2.11 now, but am not bothered about spoilers, fyi)
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Showing Bunny Community and Anthony Michael Hall has just shown up as a bully. I tell Bunny that the bully is the nerdy guy from The Breakfast Club. Bunny falls over laughing - "That is NOT okay."

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I noped out of GoT before Sansa’s wedding. I’d been pretty much done with all the sexual violence against women (and the people at work who were like ‘oh but there’s violence against men too, and they DIE’) but I had been repeatedly and earnestly assured that season 6 is the season of women kicking arse so on the weekend I finally sat down and watched all ten episodes in one go, which was a hell of a ride.

Just briefly my fave things with random pics from the internet )
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I generally love science fiction, fantasy and cop shows (that are about the team/partner relationships - I don't care about plot) but occasionally i get lured into a non-genre show. I started watching Downton Abbey because there was a gay character...and then stayed in spite of him because other characters and ships hooked me in (Bates/Anna ftw). I started watching Call the Midwife because I heard that in season 4 there would be a lesbian couple who get a happy ending and immediately fell in love with all the awesome women doing this amazing uplifting and heartbreaking and difficult job with grace and affection and OMG so wonderful :)

Then there is American Gothic which I assumed was going to be a supernatural show but turned out to be a drama about a wealthy dysfunctional family who realise that one of them must be a serial killer who'd stopped killing fifteen years ago.

Initially stayed because Anthony Starrr from Banshee is in it, but am five eps in and curious to see where it's going.

What a difference a haircut and some attitude makes!!! As Lucas Hood in Banshee -

And as the estranged, sinister older son in American Gothic -

Promo and first ep embedded under cut )

Bonus lesbians! )
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Now that my Hannibal obsession has waned (to manageable levels) I have been catching up on other shows.

Person of Interest was once my primary fandom, when it was all about Harold and John and Bear and Carter and Fusco. Harold/John was my OTP but Carter was my fave character, so when they did that thing ) it took away my two fave things about the show.

I still liked it a lot - I love Fusco and Shaw and very much appreciated the Root/Shaw flirting but it fell off my priority list but I've finally got around to watching the last season, and it was suitably epic.

I loved the apocalyptic finale )

I was super happy to see these three show up again :)

A bit about what I hope happens next )

Movie recs

Jul. 24th, 2016 11:05 pm
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So it's been three months since i posted anything at all and much longer than that since I posted RL update as opposed to fandom stuff. GAH. At first I was super obsessed with Hannibal but then it turned into a stupid avoidance thing, to the point I've been planning to post something - anything - every day for weeks. AND YET.

I rarely see movies at the cinema anymore - a regular adult ticket costs $23, although I've paid to join my local cinema's club which gives discounts. And this week I've been to TWO films, neither of which I had any expectations about and both of which been so awesome I've cried literal tears of happiness.

Firstly, of course, GHOSTBUSTERS. I'd only seen the first terrible trailer, but I was still determined to throw money at it so the smug white dudes who get to decide these things can't keep arguing that movies with women in lead roles don't make money.

And then it was everything I could have dreamed of, a fun plot, some great action scenes, consistently funny and absolutely the best, the GREATEST, thing of all was I sat there watching a story about women I could relate to, women I could be friends with, being competent and loyal and funny and brave. This was a movie about women's friendship. My fifteen year old daughter spent half the film turning to grin gleefully at me at all the awesomeness.

This review pretty much sums up my reaction

AND THEN THERE WAS STAR TREK, YAY. After the last, so terrible film I was afraid to look forward to this one even with Simon Pegg writing it, and then it was so great. I was crying by the end, not just for the bittersweet references to Ambassador Spock, but because it was really Star Trek.

Mildly spoilery fave things (not plot related) )


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