Feb. 17th, 2017

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So, has LJ been buggy for other people for the last few weeks (maybe months) or is it just me. I randomly can't leave comments, like, I'll type it up but it refuses to post. That's been ongoing and random for ages. And tonight it won't let me access the profile page, gah.

Meanwhile I'm watching the s2 finale of Dark Matter and the crew are plotting with potential allies and half are poc and two thirds are women. God I love this show.

Also the dude who was the wolf in Lost Girl has shown up again and I went to point out to my housemate that both he and the Android were characters in LG together and then I remembered that they both played Bo's lovers. I think we accidentally stopped watching around s4, always meant to go back. I remember it being patchy, some great episodes, and some not really good ones, but the one that stood out was when they all randomly body swapped, and the actors did a really, really good job, especially the gender swapped ones.

I am hoping that either Bo and Lauren and Dyson either end up in a happy menage a trois or a threesome. Cute gif set here If I never watch the end, I'll never be disappointed, right?


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